Board Members

Board Members

Katherine Bishop
David Borge
Charlette T. Burgess
Diane Dearborn
Sally Dunbar
Edie Hall
Deborah Hanish-Schreyer
Kathy Jimino
Michelle M. Kearnan
Dee Kronau
Lisa Mahar
Julie Martin
Ani Mooney
Chrisse Rasmussen
Sue Rosa
Mindy Serkez
Kathleen Sheeran
Jackie Tureby

Board of Directors 2020-2021

Edward Spain, President
Mary Muller, Vice President
Debra Nuttall, Secretary
James Moran, Treasurer
Robert Hergrueter, Assistant Treasurer

In Memoriam

Henrietta Messier

Testimonials and Success Stories

I like to work with the ARC because we treat people like people. We reach for the stars but also remember there that the ground still exists. We have dreamers, visionaries, revolutionaries and natural born leader who are all under the same umbrella. It’s a wonderful place to work and a wonderful place to meet all these awesome people. I honestly believe we are the best in the world at what we do and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

–Chad Roose, Direct Service Manager
The Arc of Rensselaer County

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Our Mission


The mission of The Arc of Rensselaer County is to advocate for the rights and safety of individuals of all ages who have an intellectual disability and/or a developmental disability or delay.


The Arc is a source of support, specialized knowledge, and available resources in assisting individuals and their families to meet their needs and goals.


The Arc works to influence societal attitudes and governmental policy so that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities will have access to the services, assistance, and opportunities they need for personal growth and development, and participation in the community.

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